Hey Lovely People!

I'm Kelly (or Kelstar) the creator of Disco Doodle.


So, how did it all happen??

Well, I'm originally from London, studied for a BA Honors in Performing Arts, then a PGCE in Primary Education. I've always been creative, and before teaching I worked in the arts. For the past 10ish years I've taught in Essex Primary Schools. I'm also a mum of a gorgeous 6 year old, and 2 year old twins. My little crew keep me motivated and have really spurned me on. I totally want them to enjoy Disco Doodle too. For some time I've wanted to create something a bit different for little people, that the grown ups can really enjoy too. I love music (though don't always get the time to listen to my tunes) I love working with little people too, I also love the arts. I really wanted to mash up lots of lovely things and create an experience for families to enjoy. Disco Doodle is a chance for me to lead some fun activities with you; parachute play, bubbles and confetti - confetti is a big love!! Mostly it's a chance for you to explore Disco Doodle, have fun, be creative, get social and listen to tunes the whole time.

Disco Doodle is FRESH FAMILY FUN and is still evolving. Join the Disco Doodle journey and let's see where we go!! Big love xx